Launched in 2020, FLUID is the creation of Aline Bach.

Aline has been making soaps for almost 20 years, and is currently manufacturing out of a small production facility in the district of Lichtenberg, Berlin.



FLUID is a queer owned and operated business. All of our soaps are inspired by queer identities and the awareness that gender is fluid!

We love how the changing nature of our soaps throughout their lifecycle - from raw ingredients, to liquid, to solid bar, to foam, to protective skin coating - recalls the ideas of fluidity that, as queer folk, we hold so dear to our hearts and our lives.

In addition to the billions of plastic bottles being unnecessarily produced, the advent of shower gel saw the increased use of new synthetic chemicals, like sulfates, parabens and phthalates, that would later be proven to be toxic to both human health and the planet. 

Aline grew up using these products regularly. However, it was also during her childhood that she became passionate about soap - not using it, but collecting it! For years, she amassed little soap figurines in as many funny and interesting shapes as she could find.


Born in France in the early 80s, Aline witnessed how the massive arrival of shower gel on the European market almost instantly replaced the use of soap as a body cleanse. But what seemed to many like a revolution in body care was actually an environmental disaster as well as a step in the wrong direction for skin health.

Just like the actual soaps, the identities of Enby or Butch or Neutrois are never only one thing. And no matter if you’re more Fem than Butch, or Queen today and Bear tomorrow, we see you and celebrate you!

Of course, we also want you to feel good in your skin, which is why we use super-hydrating and nutrient-rich ingredients that care for all bodies and skin types.

As Aline’s political and environmental consciousness grew, she became increasingly aware of the problems associated with shower gel and started to dream of making soap treasures that people would actually use - soaps that were good for the skin and not harmful to the environment.

And that's exactly what inspired the creation of Fluid.